Double Glazing Glass (DGU)

DGU Glasses are one of the trendiest toughened glasses used by most people for their home or workplace.

They are great for heat insulation and don’t allow heat rays from entering your house, providing visual and acoustic comfort.

Want to install DGU glasses? Then, look at some of the most important questions about DGU glasses.

What Kind of Glass is Used in Double-Glazing?

Annealed and toughened glass are the most common kinds of glasses used in double-glazing glass units.

How much does double-glazed glass cost?

The price of double insulated glazing glass varies from company to company. However, the average price of these glasses is between INR 15000 to INR 52000 per square meter.

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Can you replace double-glazing glass?

Yes, if you notice your double-glazing glasses cannot absorb heat, it’s time to change only the glass unit without replacing the whole window.

This is one of the many benefits of double-glazing. You can save up the cost of replacing the entire window. 

What thickness is double-glazing glass?

As the transparent double-glazing glass consists of two glass panes, these glasses are thicker than normal glasses. 

The standard thickness of these glasses is 28 mm. 

Is thick glass better than double-glazing?

Compared to the double insulated glasses, normal thick glass cannot completely absorb heat or cold.

Is all double-glazing toughened glass?

No, most residential double-glazing glasses use annealed or float glasses. However, toughened glass is a better option to reduce noise pollution. 

Is double-glazed glass toughened?

A double insulated glazing glass use two toughened glass panes, inside and out, 4 mm each. 

How often should you replace double-glazing?

Talking about the average lifespan, usually, double-glazed windows have 20-years of lifespan. 

However, this may depend on factors such as maintenance and materials used. 

Is double-glazing expensive?

Yes, double-glazing glasses are one of the most expensive types of glasses. But the good news is, these glasses are sturdy and durable, which will save your money in the long run. 

What is the best U-value for double-glazing?

Usually, 1.6 W/m2K or higher is considered a good U-value for double-glazing glasses.

To Conclude

We hope these common questions and answers helped you to gain some understanding of DGU glasses. 

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