What is Tempered Glass?

Tempered glass, commonly known as a toughened glass, is considered a safety glass processed by chemical or thermal treatments to increase the strength compared with the various other glasses. The tempering puts the outer surfaces into compression and puts the interiors into tension. These are the stresses that cause the glass, when it breaks, to crumble down into multiple chunks instead of splintering into various shards. These small pieces have fewer chances to cause an injury. 

Benefits of Tempered Glass

The tough glass has multiple benefits. Some of the most known benefits of tempered glass are as follows:

Safe and Secure Glass Safe

The most significant advantage of the tuffen glass over any other ordinary glass is the ‘Safety Factor.’ Tempered glass does not break into large shards. Instead, it disintegrates into smaller chunks that do not cause any harm.

Heat Resistant Glass Heat-Resistant

Tempered glass is known to resist temperatures of up to 470 degrees Fahrenheit. This is one of the prominent properties that makes the tempered glass suitable for multiple areas such as the kitchen or bathroom, where the glass has high chances of getting in contact with the heat regularly. 

Crystal Clear Glass Crystal Clear

Although the tempered glass process makes the tempered glass super tough, it does not affect the glass’s absolute clarity. The tempered glass in its look is transparent and clear, which makes it super useful for display cases, glass doors, and windows.

Versatile Glass Versatile

Tempered glass can practically be used everywhere where it is required; tempered glass makes a sturdy and attractive shower door, a transparent screen protector, and a stovetop base. It is versatile in nature.

Durable - Tempered Glass

Non Scratchable Glass Non-Scratchable

The tempered glass’s manufacturing process is such that it makes it thermally robust and tough. At the same time, the manufacturing process makes the tempered glass scratch-resistant. This is the reason why tempered glass is considered to be an ideal material for various things such as:

  • Passenger vehicle windows
  • Glassdoor
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Mobile screen cards

Temperature Resistant Glass Huge Variety

The common notion that tempered glass is available only in one colour and design is wrong. Tempered glass is ideally available in multiple designs and patterns. For example, they are available in the stained, clear, frosted, engraved pattern. You can choose the design or pattern that suits you amongst the wide variety. 

Toughened Glass Tough

The thermal tempering process makes the tempered glass much more robust than any other ordinary glass. Tempered glass can stand up to stronger winds, bump, blows, and minor or significant explosions.

Toughened Glass Applications

Tempered glass is widely used in various everyday things such as windows, bathtub enclosures, computers, kitchen appliances, smartphones, vehicles, etc. Also, the tempered glass price is very affordable. Hence, due to multiple uses, tempered glass is always in demand. 

Toughened Glass Cabin

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