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Glass has always been identified as delicate and fragile. Even with the technological advancements in place, this misconception has been there for the longest of time.

However, people are not aware that modern-day glass, also known as toughened glass, is fragile. 

Although this toughened glass design is very similar to the other design, it is durable, has much strength and has the capability of withstanding heavy impacts. 

Toughened glass, also known as tempered glass, is considered the best form of glass in the glass family.

The beauty of this glass is that it can be used in multiple forms like toughened glass doors, toughened glass windows, toughened glass railing, etc.

Intricate Details About Toughened Glass

Toughened glass is a glass form that gets processed with chemical or thermal treatments, which helps in increasing the strength. 

This tempering process leaves the outer side of the surface of the glass in a comparison state and puts the interiors in a tension state. 

Due to these reasons, the tempered glass breaks into tiny pieces into the sharp edges, drastically reducing the chances of injury.

Toughened Glass Applications

Toughened Glass Applications

1. Transparent Partition: The partitions of toughened glass tabletop are quite strong and at the same time impart a beautiful look. It can divide a large space.

2. Exterior Facades: The beauty of toughened glass gives a sleek and modern look to the toughened glass door. These glasses are used extensively for building’s structural gazing, ensuring transparency, lightness and elegance.

3. Skylights: Especially for the skylight’s, toughened glass is very much recommended. This is because it helps in reducing the injury risk if any heavy objects fall on these glasses and break them.

4. Glass Doors: All the frameless doors should be fabricated with toughened glass. The toughened glass thickness is very important as it should be cut into the proper size.

5. Double- or Triple-Glazed Windows: This kind of toughened glass door help in creating the right acoustic barrier and helps control the outdoors. The toughened glass for stairs comprises the panes layers with gaps filled with the inert glass. 

6. Wardrobes: Toughened glass helps in bringing a sleek and modern look to the wardrobes. These wardrobes are quite easy to install and are resistant to moisture.

7. Kitchen Backsplash: In any minimalistic kitchen, toughened glass is used as the kitchen backsplash. As it helps in bringing the sense of unlike wall tiles and adds to the luminous look. 

8. Glass Shelves: In the case of glass shelves, it is always better to go for toughened glass. It is because these glasses can help in taking extra load when compared to the normal glass.

Toughened Glass Properties

Stronger Toughened glass Tempered Glass is 4-5 Times Stronger: Compared to the usual glass, tempered glass is easily 4-5 times stronger, as it can easily withstand heavy substances.

It Can Withstand Temperature Changes: Tempered glass is very high in resistance compared to any other glass. This helps the glass to withstand extreme temperatures.

Toughened Glass is Difficult to Break: The toughened glass is thermally and physically solid, making it very difficult to break. It is suitable for demanding applications with heavy environmental deals. 


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