Glass Facade

There are many reasons why people opt for a glass facade on the exterior of their building.

Apart from giving a modern, business-like appearance, a glass facade on the building helps regulate the interiors temperature and provides protection from irregular winds or seismic shocks. 

Moreover, a cityscape with buildings having a glass wall facade will add beauty to the overall space.

What is a Glass Facade?

When the exterior of a building is covered with performance glass, it is said that the building has a glass facade. 

Many modern buildings use such glass walls on the exterior to improve the beauty, keep the interior temperature in check, and allow enough natural light to enter. 

Moreover, such glasses impart strength to the building as the glass can absorb seismic shocks or high wind speed.

How is Glass Used in Facades?

Glass can be Used in the Facades in the Following Possible Ways:

Curtain Walls

The curtain walls are non-load bearing curtain structures that support only their weight and not the dead load weight of the building.

These types of facades provide resistance to winds and seismic forces and also prevent water infiltration. 

Many multinational corporations opt for curtain walls to increase the functionality and aesthetic appeal of the building. 

Residential and Commercial Glass Facade

Storefront Wall

This is another type of non-load bearing facade designed mainly for the ground floors. 

This type of design improves the appearance of the building and provides optical thermal and sound insulation when constructed using special glass. 

The glass facade cost for storefront walls can be customized according to the client’s desire. 

Which Glass is the Best for the Facade?

To increase the energy efficiency of your building, you should opt for high-performance glass, which reduces the dependence upon artificial lighting and heating/cooling system within the building. 

Nowadays, Magnetron Sputtered Vapour Deposited (MSVD) coatings are used on the glass because of their flexibility and the possibility of depositing many layers. 

The multi-silver low-emissivity coating is also used on glass wall advantages, including lowering the interior temperature in tropical countries and allowing a high amount of natural light while blocking the harmful infra-red wavelength radiation. 

Modern Benefits of Installing Glass Building Facades

Energy Efficiency

Having a glass facade work on the exterior of your building allows an optimum level of natural light to enter, which makes the interiors appear bright and reduces the cost of lighting. 

Withstands Harsh Conditions

Be it a storm or an earthquake, the material of the glass used in building the facade can withstand extreme conditions and protect the building. 

Since glass is resistant to rust, it is also ideal to have these structures in rainy areas.


The glasses used in building the facades are highly flexible and thus can be moulded into any desired shape by the architects to enhance the beauty of glass facade details.

The Bottom Note

The plethora of benefits offered by a glass facade makes it so much demand in the industry today. 

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