Toughened Glass Process

What is Toughened Glass?

Toughened Glass is a safety glass that helps in increasing the core strength of the regular glass. A standard glass, when it goes through comprehension break downs, and forms sharp shards, can cause injury to the people. On the other hand, Toughened Glass, when breaks down, it shatters into several pieces that are micro mini in size and less sharp.

How is it Processed?

The Toughened Glass process is an elaborate one. It is made from an annealed glass that gets treated with a process of thermal tempering. A sheet of the annealed glass is taken and heated to its 600°C of annealing point. Then, the surfaces of the annealed sheets are cooled down, but the inside portion of the annealed glass remains hot. The difference between the temperature of the surface and the inner part of the glass then produces various physical properties.

It eventually results in compressive stress in the surface area that gets balanced by the tensile stress in the inner space of the glass. These stresses that are counteracting in nature provide the Toughened or Tempered Glass with an increased amount of mechanical resistance to the breakage. This is the reason when the Toughened Glass breaks, it shatters into small pieces that are not very sharp and do not harm the individual.

Laminated Toughened Glass

Benefits of Toughened Glass

When it comes to Toughened Glass uses, there is one ubiquitous question :

What is Toughened Glass used for? Toughened Glass is considered ideal to be used in various applications, such as:

  • Glass homeware
  • Glass Railings in High-rise apartment
  • High-rise building facades
  • Internal Glass Partitions
  • Windows and Door Glass
  • Shower screens
  • Touchscreens

The various Toughened Glass properties and benefits are as follows:

Heat Resistant Glass


Toughened Glass is also known as safety glass because when compared to the regular glass, the Toughened Glass is five times stronger in terms of thickness and size. It means that this glass can adequately withstand a hard hit without eventually breaking and shattering. The most significant advantage of Toughened Glass is that it breaks into millions of tiny pieces that are less sharp, jagged that ends up lowering the risk of injury.

Heat Resistance

Toughened Glass is almost five times more heat-resistant when compared to any regular glass. The Tempered Glass can withstand heat up to 250 degrees. This property makes the Toughened Glass safer during any fire. This is the primary reason why various high-rise apartments, schools, government institutes, and colleges have windows made up of Toughened Glass.

Sound Reduction

Compared to standard glass, the Toughened glass has two times more the ability of soundproofing. This is the reason why many soundproofing glasses are Toughened or Tempered Glasses. This glass eventually helps in reducing the noise levels of up to 60 dbs. Hence, Toughened Glass is used in places where the sound is necessary, such as:

  • Gyms
  • Cinemas
  • Studio Space
  • Restaurant

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