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The glass is transparent, but, at the same time, it is mysterious. Hence, it requires extra care and high-end quality. Connect with GAAP TUFF GLASS today!

DGU Glass

DGU glass or double-glazing units compromise two panes of the glasses that get separated with a spacer and are filled with argon gas in the gap between the glass layers.

DGU glass

Components of DGU Glass

The double-glazed glass suppliers providing dual-glazed glass that easily fits into the window frame comprises of seven main components.

  • A Space Bar: This is a frame that separates two panels of glasses, creating a cavity. The spacer bar can be either warm-edge or aluminium.

  • Desiccant: A silicon material used in the space bar tends to dry up the moisture trapped within the cavity.

  • A Primary Seal: This is the main barrier to the moisture or air migration into double-glazing glass types.

  • The Glass: It is a clear, Low E, toughened, solar control, self-cleaning, acoustic, laminated, or a combination.

  • The Secondary Seal: The primary structural adhesive around the outside edge of the units helps hold the elements intact.

  • The Cavity: This is a void formation that comes in between the parts.

  • The Gas Filling the Cavity: This involves the krypton, dehydrated air, argon, or xenon.

DGU Benefits

Benefits of DGU

Apart from the low DGU glass price, when it comes to the benefits of the double glazing unit or the DGU glass window, there are many benefits involved, such as:

  • Visual Comfort: Limiting the solar gains primarily signifies a lesser need for added protection, such as curtains or blinds. The DGU glass thickness is, no doubt, commendable.

  • Energy Savings: In terms of the DGU glass specifications, the energy-saving component plays a huge role. Due to the rising energy cost and international environments agreements, there is enough energy savings in the low-energy consumption buildings.

  • Acoustic Comfort: Double-glazing has an inclusion of acoustic insulation laminated glasses that help in reducing by a factor X and the noise entering the houses through the windows.

DGU Processors

DGU Processors

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