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Established in 2017, GAAP TUFF GLASS is a leading Toughened Glass Processor located in the Bustling Smart City of Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, India.

Our factory is endowed with Technical Advanced Glass Machinery, with the tempering furnace from Glaston-Finland, CNC Cutting Line from Lisec-Austria, and High-Grade Machines from Golive and Hanjiang.

Glass Processing Possibilities:

Can GAAP TUFF GLASS do Edge Processing? Can GAAP TUFF GLASS do Edge Processing?

With the help of our Advanced Machines for glass processing, all types of Edge Polish is possible – Diamond polish, C-Polish, Half C-Polish, Beveling.

Drill and Countersink Holes? Drill and Countersink Holes?

With two Robust Drilling Machines, Holes sizes measuring from 4mm to 100mm diameter can be drilled to perfection.

Further with our Highly Trained and Skilled Workmanship, Countersink holes of any diameter can be catered to with utmost smoothness.

Can GAAP TUFF GLASS do Edge and Corner Cut Outs? Can GAAP TUFF GLASS do Edge and Corner Cut Outs?

With a wide range of advanced processing equipment, all types of Cut-outs can be made to perfection.

We maintain a huge catalog of Glass Hardware specifications from several leading brands which are periodically updated.

What is Toughened Glass Processing? What is Toughened Glass Processing?

Toughened glass is made from annealed glass treated with a thermal tempering process. A sheet of annealed glass is heated to above its "annealing point" of 600°C; its surfaces are then rapidly cooled while the inner portion of the glass remains hotter.

What is Double Glazed Unit? What is Double Glazed Unit?

Insulated Glass, often called double glazing is a combination of two or more panes of glass spaced apart with a spacer bar and hermetically sealed with a primary and secondary sealant to form a single unit with one or more air spaces in between.

Benefits of Toughened tempered Glass? Benefits of Toughened tempered Glass?

High in strength - it is four to five times stronger than an annealed glass.

Safety - it disintegrates into relatively smaller pieces when broken by the pressure that reduces serious injuries.

Edge strength - it has comparatively strong edges than normal ordinary glasses.

What is heat strengthen glass? What is heat strengthen glass?

Heat-strengthened glass is a heat-treated glass that retains the normal properties of ordinary float glass. It is similar to tempered glass except that the cooling is done slower than toughened glass but faster than annealed glass. Heat-strengthened glass is generally twice as strong as annealed glass of the same thickness and configuration.

Uses of Laminated Glass? Uses of Laminated Glass?

Laminated glass is normally used when there is a possibility of human impact or where the glass could fall if shattered and also for architectural applications. Skylight glazing and automobile windshields typically use laminated glass. In geographical areas requiring hurricane-resistant construction, laminated glass is often used in exterior storefronts, curtain walls, and windows.