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Get High Performance Glass at GAAP TUFF Glass

Performance glasses have various additional factors apart from giving your space a pleasing decor. And when it comes to performance glass, it is always GAAP TUFF Glass at your service. Keep scrolling to know more about high-performance glasses.

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Factors to Consider in Glass Selection

There are certain factors that you must consider before buying the best for you. Keep reading to find out.

U-Value: As there is a temperature difference in the two surfaces of the glass due to conduction, U-value denotes the rate of heat flow from one face to another.

  • The U-value should be lower to provide the best performance.

  • The U-value of clear glass is 0.48 Watts per square meter Kelvin.

  • High-performance glass properties include a much lower U-Value than that of clear glass.

  • Direct Solar Heat Gain: Shading Coefficient of Glazing or SC denotes it. The Shading Coefficient must be lower to prevent the glass from absorbing solar heat.

  • Visual Performance of Glazing: It shows the proportion of the solar spectrum’s visible arena that passes through a glass product.

  • RHG: RHG or Relative Heat Gain refers to the amalgamated consequences of U-factor and Shading Coefficient. The shading coefficient becomes an essential factor in tropical locations as the solar intensity is very high.

What is SHGC in Glass?

SHGC or Solar Heat Gain Coefficient rates the blocking capacity of window glass from the sun rays.

Having a low SHGC rate signifies more heat blocking capacity or low heat gain. The afternoon sun can sometimes be very unpleasant.

Thus, a high-performance glass with a standard SHGC rating certificate by GAAP TUFF will save you from all the amount of heat that a standard glass will absorb.

Benefits of Using High-Performance Glass

Let us look at some of the benefits of using high-performance glass:

High Performance Glass

Energy Savings

Yes, using high performance glass or high performance glass products can save a considerable amount of energy daily.

Glass Performance


High performance glass cost payback periods might vary from two to five years, depending upon your deal with your contracting company.

HPG High Performance Glass

Heat Protection

High-performance windows will also allow less harmful sun rays into your building yet allow the perfect amount of heat to enter.

Applications of High-Performance Glass

Solar Control: Solar control glass transfers a lot less heat into the room. High performance glazing is low compared to ordinary glasses; thus, it helps reduce the air conditioning requirement of a place. It is specially coated with oxide. Therefore, it is an ideal glass type for countries falling in tropical regions.

Lower Emissivity: Low-E Glass or Lower Emissivity Glass is mainly used for its thermal insulation property. This means that it only allows visible lights to pass through it. It also protects from harmful rays of the sun, such as infrared and UV rays.

Solar Low-E: Solar Low-E Glass is solar-coated low emissivity glass. Low-E glasses cannot be used in direct contact with sunlight as they trap heat and do not let it escape. Thus, it has to be solar coated. It might also reduce the air-conditioning costs.

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