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Shower Cubicles

A shower cubicle is a boundary created with panels, glass walls, or even half walls to prevent water from spreading to the sink, vanity, and toilet area. Also known as shower enclosures or cabins, GAAP TUFF comes in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Features of Shower Cubicles

Here are the exceptional features that set your Shower Cubicles apart:

Attractive Design

Attractive Design

We offer highly lucrative and elegant designs for shower cubicle partitions. With our advanced glass processing service, we make your shower cubicles look seamlessly beautiful.

Wet and Dry Area Separation

Wet and Dry Area Separation

It is extremely important to have the wet and dry areas of your bathroom separated. This prevents any kind of mishap, such as tripping down and injuring yourself.



A corrosion-resistant shower cubicle is a type of shower enclosure specifically designed to withstand exposure to moisture, humidity, and cleaning agents without succumbing to corrosion or rust. These shower cubicles are constructed from materials that are inherently resistant to corrosion, such as stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass, or PVC.

Highly Durable and Scratch Proof

Highly Durable and Scratch Proof

Our high-quality glass processing makes sure that your shower cubicle is free from any scratches and is long-lasting as well.

Benefits of Shower Cubicles

Fresh Shower Cubicle

Low maintenance

Once you install the glass shower panels, maintaining them is easy. Even cleaning your bathroom becomes much easier as water does not escape from the bathroom shower enclosures, allowing your tiles and vanity area to be water-free and clean.

Tone Shower Cubicle


The safety aspect of glass shower cubicles is undeniable. Usually fitted with handles, these shower units help reduce the risk of slipping and sliding that usually occurs with bathtubs. If you have elderly people living with you, it is highly recommended to invest in good walk-in shower enclosures as they reduce the risk of injuries.

Pure Shower Cubicle

Space Efficiency

Shower cubicles require less space than a bathtub or a bath tray. In addition to that, many shower cubicles come with shelf options, which means that you’ll be able to get rid of your bathroom clutter and maximize your bathroom space. Shower enclosures fit very well into small bathroom designs.

Design Shower Cubicle

Customization Options

Shower cubicles come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and designs to suit different bathroom layouts and aesthetic preferences.