What Is Performance Glass?

Are you looking for energy-efficient glass to improve the efficiency of your workplace? Then performance glass is the right choice for you! 

With increased technology, new types of glasses are being created every day to make your life easier. If you are looking for high-end performance windows, then you have hooked on to the right place! 

What is Performance Glass?

Performance glass is used by building occupants, especially in commercial buildings. 

Modern facades have various types of glass on them due to many factors such as external wind pressure, local weather conditions, building geometry etc. 

It is critical to choose the right type of performance glass for increasing building efficiency. 

You can go for a high-performance glass that optimises the natural light and gives solar protection. 

There are two factors that you need to take care of before choosing a performance glass:

  • You should check whether the glasses can optimise the light to reduce the need for artificial light. 
  • And you should check if the glasses reduce the heat inside the building to cut down the load on the air conditioner. 

Know Types and Applications

The performance glass has a sustainable design that includes specified coatings that determines the solar control. 

The glasses have improved thermal insulation that may be double glazed or triple glazed. The air spaces between the glass layers reduce the heat flow. 

Additionally, the layers between the glasses are filled with inert gases like argon or krypton to reduce the U-value. 

Not only that but the glasses are also tinted in shades of grey, bronze or blue to reduce the absorption of incoming solar radiation and heat gain coefficient.

The other types of glass coatings include low emissivity coatings that are metallic oxide layers deposited on the glass to reduce heat transfer by longwave radiation.

These glasses are best suited for use in building materials as they come in various styles, including sliding glass doors.

Some of the common applications of high-performance glass are given below as follows:

  • Building facades have such glasses in the exterior to reduce the heat ingress and the use of air conditioners. It also adds to the visual appeal.
  • Such glasses can be used for skylights and roof windows so that there is an optimum level of natural light and a lower chance of the heat seeping in directly from above. 
  • Most of the heat comes in from windows. That is why high-performance glass windows are used to lower the rate of heat ingress. 

Some of the common applications of high-performance glass

Requisites of Using High-Performance Glass

Following are the requisites that you need to know for using a high-quality performance glass:

  • You have to know about the U-value of glass calculation before selecting the right glass. This U-value indicates the rate of heat flow due to conduction because of the temperature difference between inside and outside the glass window. 
  • Next is the shading coefficient (SC) that indicates the extent of direct solar heat gain. 
  • Apart from the above two factors, you will also need to keep in mind the relative heat gain (RHG), which combines SC and U-value. 
  • Finally, the visual light transmission of glazing (VLT) affects the light penetration. Higher VLT would mean higher light penetration. Factors like tinting help to influence the visual performance of glazing.

Requisites of Using High-Performance Glass

Final Words

Many big companies like Wipro, Technopolis, ITC Green Centre and others have shifted towards performance glass for their workplace. 

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